Too Early Fo Sun

I guess its my nature to "rush" things a bit.  So when my skin seems a bit calm for a couple days I dive off the deep end and bake in the sun only to be in flare central the next day!  One major issue for me, having darker skin is that my red isn't very noticeable.  I mean I can see it, but now that I have linchefication, and am tanned, well the red is kinda drowned out by all the melanin!  This has happened about 5 times, I go riskin git in the sun (which feel sso good), only to be covered in hives by that night.  Arrgghhh!  Plus its's summer, avoiding the sun is next to impossible.  Plus I have children to take care of, so keeping everyone home bound for the summer really isn't and option.

I really think that even if your skin may "seem" ready, it isn't.  4 months in really is too soon, I think I will bake next summer.  The rest of the summer I am covering up and keeping cool!  Sun hats for me! :)

Hope everyones TSW Journey is going well!  If you happened to stumble on this page, watch the video below for more info.  Also the ITSAN site is a great resource for those dealign with ongoing eczema


  1. Hi Vee!

    I live in the United Kingdom. I have been looking for other sufferers with brown skin. Then i stumbled onto your blog.

    You are very lucky to be showing signs of healing at 4months! I ceased the use of steriods 13 months ago. And only recently in this Feb did i start seeing sign of healing. However last week things started to change. More skin shed, a little oozing and cutting myself. Still trying to find out if this is the infamous 'Flare'.

    Anyway congratulations on your speedy recovery. When am in the right place i may start my own blog. My pictures are just horrendous!

    Happy Healing

    1. Hello there!

      Thanks so much for stopping by. I too have been on the look out for someone with the same complexion as me. I personally feel due to my complexion my TSW has been different. Still awful but a bit different. As for healing I am so pleased to watch my hands get better. But the rest of my body is on a constant TSW roller coaster.

      Your pictures are very valuable, you should share them as it can help others!

      Happiest healing to you aswell! And do keep touch :)


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