Skin Update-healing slowly but surely!

back of leg-scaly and dry-rash gone! :)
Sadly when I was first going through TSW i didn't even know that this was what it was.  I didn't take any photo's-and truthfully wouldn't have wanted to.  I commend those that do. My skin has improved a lot but still has a ways to go so now I am taking photos to mark the success!  I honestly look at these photo's and want to cry because this is the first time in my life that I have not used steroids to treat eczema and seen improvement.  I never thought my hands especially could look like this.  Even with steroids they never looked like this or ever stopped itching.

Inside of arm-skin is quite scaly but rednes is down to nothing :)

I should have taken before pictures but almost all  of those wrinkles were open and oozing.  Plus the skin was super super dark! It has shed and evened out so much!
Two months ago this was all cracked an oozing, now my skin needs to smooth out and look less "reptilish."  There is one small blister left on the top right side

Its hard to get good photo's, but my neck is very dry  but not oozing

very dry neck, weeping is gone 

this was all red before-now i have scaring from scratching it i assume

My arms are still quite bumpy and dry but ZERO RED! :)

My hand is almost looking normal!  I think its just a good shot hehe!


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