The flare that won't quit!

Last time I ever try an experiment with my skin!  I ate junk for about a week or so.  'Thought' it was making little to no difference, 'thought' I was coming out of a flare until boom, it got worse.

I am so angry at my self!  If something isn't broken why try and fix it! Ugghh! I have a terrible flare that has lasted well over its average time.  I have a wedding tonight and look hiddeous!  I am soooooooo angry!

TSW is driving me crazy!  Especially when I flare i just feel so down, and mentally exhasted.  I also am so tired of people saying "oh it doesn't look so bad" or "it blends in to your skin", or "no one even notices".  Or ther worst "its all in your head?"  Are you serious in my head?  I can look at my skin and tell you its not in my head!  I am so tired of this and I am only 4 months in.  My experience has not been all bad, but this prolonged flare is such a tick off!  I feel like i regressed right back to the beginning!  It doens't burn as bad, but I am just as raw, itchy and uncomfortable! :(

It is really hard in a flare to be positive.  I always say my next flare I will be, but today I just can't!  This skin condition stinks! :(


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