Patience is Virtue in Life

Well today was for the most part good.  Until I attempted some Mothers Day baking. I guess the dough caused my wrists to flare. I can feel it calming down now that I washed it off and left it for a bit

Made me realize that steroid use comes from impatience a lot of the time.  Instead of waiting out a little rash here or there, we are inclined to get the first magic potion to make it vanish! Without little to know insight on the effects of the cream.

This entire TSW situation had taught me not to just listen to a doctor or take any medications without further looking in to it.
How many of us could have avoided TSW with a little patience with our rashes!

Ah well. Anything worth learning never comes easy!  Please pass this knowledge unto those who are uniformed.  I wouldn't wish TSW on my worst enemy!

Happy healing everyone! :)


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