A Steroid Free Life

Hello All!

I can't believe I am embarking on another "blog adventure". But this one is especially close to my heart.
So for my followers from previous blogs, here is why I am starting this one.  And to my new readers, well you already understand.

I have had Eczema all my life. As a child my parents slathered topical steroids all over my skin to calm down the unsightly rash.  And usually it would do the trick.  That is until I ran out of the creams, or some other factor caused me to "flare" again.  Growing up, I always had "skin" limitations.  My skin was hyper sensitive, so really anything could cause me to break out.  As long as I had my trusty creams though, all would be ok.

Up until a month ago I didn't even know the risks of steroids.  The derms & docs just kept prescribing them to me by the jar full, and I as a faithful patient continued to "poison" my body.  Unaware of the monster that was being created in my body.

Most people that knew me, up until recently even, never really noticed my eczema.  I had it pretty bad on my hands but kept it well contained on my body.  My skin even looked "normal".  But as the years passed I got a bit fed up with the fact my hands would never get better.  In fact they were getting worse.

I was using the strongest cream I could and was thinking there must be something stronger I can use.  My doctor (God bless her) refused to give me oral steroids and looked at my hands and persribed me some low dose Topical steroid.

Now when you have had eczema for over 20 years, you know which steroids are going to work and which aren't.  I was infuriated that she thought she could just give me some low dose prescription when even the strong ones weren't working and she knew that.

I left her office (February 2013) in search of a cure for my eczema. I was tired of having to go to the doctor once month to get a refill.  I was tired of the panic that would strike when my skin would begin to tingle and flare.  And over all I was just feb up with having eczema.

So my journey to an eczema cure began.  I decided to look into homeopathy, natural methods and crazy diets and eating habits.  All which seemed like they were the answer but really were not.  On another post I will go into detail of the foolishness I got myself into, and the ideas I believed.

Anyhow about a month and a half into my Topical steroid withdrawal-which i didn't even know I was having.  I just figured it was going through a "healing crisis", I came across the ITSAN website.  I couldn't believe what I was reading. The steroids were my problem.  Not hidden allergies.  I couldn't believe the path to my healing was so simple.  Stop the steroids...get healed!

The problem though was when I read through the testimonies of people who had gone through topical steroid withdrawal ( the process of your body getting rid of the drugs from your system).  It seems so discouraging to me that it would take a year or perhaps longer to get healed.  At that point I almost went back to the steroids.

But the strangest thing happened.  My skin was beginning to get better, especially my hands.  The rest of my body was going somewhat hay wire-but my hands hadn't looked this good in...well I don't even know.  That small little healing that was taking place in my hands gave me hope the rest of my body could heal too.  And thats when I decided I am 100% done with steroid creams.   I have seen the effects they have had on me and others and they certainly aren't pleasant.

My entire body had become covered in red bumpy oozy  and blistered.  My face and neck have gotten way darker.  At times I can barely move, and have never quit felt so ugly, but when I look at my hands that were a hot mess months ago, it gives me hope!  There is a cure to eczema!

Anyhow, I love to write, have 4 other blogs, have seen many other blogs documenting the process of Red Skin Syndrome and Topical Steroid with drawl, and thought-hey why not?  Maybe it will help someone, maybe it will help me get through this!!

Look forward to the upcoming months!

Hands much better-were all split and oozing a couple months ago
3 month flare-just yesterday-ugghh here we go again

my entire back is all covered-weepy oozy skin.  Bumps galore-not very pleasant, but hey its the process of healing


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