Month Four Begins!

The Bumpy Scratchy Arm
I am entering my fourth month of TSW.  So far so good.  I have had my hellish days/ weeks.  But currently things aren't too bad. This past weekend was awful but my skin calmed down after that.  I am noticing my arms are very bumpy and rashy while my hands face and neck are healing.  Strange everything doesn't just heal all at once.
One thing I didn't really consider prior to stopping steroids was the effect it would have on my family.  On my rough days I can't take care of my kids the way I normally would.  The insomnia makes me super exhausted and cranky some days.  Its hard on my hubby too because I just don't  "feel" good about myself.  So how I even relate to him has been different. As I heal things are slowly getting better, the topics of convo aren't always about what I read on Itsan or my withdrawal symptoms for that day. 
There have been times the withdrawal has been so bad that I considered taking steroids again because I felt guilty putting my family through this?  Anyone else go through that thought? 
I felt a bit selfish at times subjecting them to this.  I always find mid flare these thoughts run through my mind.  When I am out of a flare I am pro- TSW!  I hope I can get to the point mid flare I have a good attitude!  I guess as the flares become less and less severe I will! 
Anyhow so happy to be four months in, I cried when I first learned how long TSW could last.  But now I am sort of getting used to the yo-yo progress of my skin.  I have adjusted to the bumps and scratch. Really I have learned to become content in my own skin!  Never thought I would see the day!
I hope you are all well...atleast we are matter how bad it gets :)
Have a happy Thursday!


  1. HI Vee!! I am right ahead of you in healing. I am nearing the midway point of my 4th month. Just like you, my face and neck are looking pretty good, almost normal in most parts (though I still do use concealer when I go somewhere to even out my skin tone), but my arms have a bunch of little scabs and are quite rough. I cant wait to be able to wear short sleeves again. I guess I won't complain though because having my face look better was such a huge confidence boost. I saw your face pics in your last post and you are so pretty! Looking great!

    I feel the same though that TSW made me into a different person. It made me more moody and introverted and just horrible self esteem. I totally relate to you on that. Now I am starting to feel more like "me" again! Hang in there my friend! Wishing you continued healing! Ms. EczemaExcellence

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    2. I am so happy you stopped by! Also it's great to know someone else is my shoes. I hate wearing short sleeves myself, but lately my skin gets irritated with long. I can completely relate with happy to have your face back to normal. I was so down when the eczema had spread to my face. Thank you so much for your compliment, I think I look awful in these pics, lol.

  2. Wow you are healing fast! Is your whole body affected from TSW? My rashes are spreading all over my body now...


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