Hello long lost friends!
It has been such a long time since I have posted.  I have not forgotten my fellow tsw suffers...however life happens.  Since my last post, I have had a precious baby boy and bought a new home with my family. Nonetheless I wanted to give a skin update!

Just like the title suggests...I believe I am TSW Free!  Hurray!  However...I would not say that I am eczema free. Anyone who has been or is going through tsw, knows that tsw is worse than any bout of eczema.

So whats the difference?
I no longer have full body breakouts. NO more red hot itchy skin.  NO more being debilitated and forced to stay in bed surrounded in sheets and scarves. NO more itching fits. No more shedding dead skin flakes everywhere...and No more thinking about my skin ever second of every day!  HURRAY TO THAT!

However, I do still have some eczema spots on my body.  Namely my hands, neck and back of elbows from time to time.  Why I would say this is not tsw?  Because it clears.  Where as before nothing EVER cleared completley.  It also doesn't spread.  The spots stay confined to their areas...even if I itch.

After 3 years of this, I can't say this was my target goal.  I naively thought my skin issues would be no more. Sadly after the trauma of tsw, I can settle for this.  I do hope in time I "grow" out of my eczema.

For the time being, I am thankful to be over the hurdle of topical steroid withdrawal.  Some things that have been helpful to me since my last post have been using Queen Elizabeth Cocoa butter.  It's not natural, it's prob not even the greatest thing for you...but since using it I have seen notable changes in my skin.  It's also very soothing when I am having an eczema flare up.  Maybe it may not be the best thing for you...but I just wanted to share.

Another thing that I started doing was using unscented products.  My laundry, cleaning products now are all natural.  It's hard to say this is what's helping or not because also a lot of time has passed, so it could just be tsw has run it's course.  These two things however, I have been doing for 8 months to a year.  Probably longer than anything else I tried.

I was taking fish oil for about 4 months and that was very helpful too. Eventually, I had to stop because I couldn't handle the taste anymore!

My next challenge to to reduce my sugar intake.  For me I have noticed a correlation between the two.

Anyhow, this has been a bit longer than anticipated.  I hope all of you are doing well and holding on. I know this isn't an easy journey.  I honestly can't even look back at my old photos or read my previous blogs because it really hurts to think I went through that and there are still people suffering way worse than I even did.
I really wish I could handle being in the forums and encouraging people and I salute all those who still do. Please don't think it's not that I care...I didn't realize how traumatic tsw was until I was over it.  DUring tsw I some how had strength.   It's hard, but some how you get through.

 I will check in from time to time via blog.  Anyone out there going through this you are truly my hero!  You have more strength than you know!!  Keep it up and feel free to message me on here anytime :D

Pictures below!
my upper lip is pretty much healed.  Just discolored.  But skin is normal

Today my neck is a little itchy, the skin has lost it's elpehant like look, just discolored

As u can see the skin color difference.  Chest is no longer red and rashy

U can see the lines on my arm again :)

My eczema ridden hands...gotta love them
The don't split and bleed like they used to

Me & my baby boy :D

Me and my oldest :)
Bare face...just eye makeup...come a LONG way
Celebrating my 30th birthday! No scarves...no sleeves! :D

Me an my baby girl all dressed for church


  1. Missed you Lady Vee! You have a beautiful family and I'm glad things are better with your skin now. X

    1. Hey my friend! How is your skin doing?

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Karina! All the best on your tsw adventure.

  3. Hi u are Amazing !!!!

    I've question for how long u have used TS, really i don't understand if u have stopped either at 23 year old or used more of 23 year. I'm black same u and i star my journey ive 24 years old and used for 10 years. I'm during month 3 and seem to look my skin, for the moment not RRS just only the hands like the yours. I hope fobeatiful life. Sorry for my english i'm italian a hope forr u and your family a beatiful life

  4. Congratulations on being TSW free Lady Vee! Eczema may be a part of life but we deal with it. Live life, enjoy everyday and continue to be awesome! By the way, I've a small site that I've started on eczema and have included your blog as one of my followed blogs. You can check it out over at http://eczemacreamhub.com/eczema-blogs-follow/

  5. You look amazing. I have however found one legal steroid that has no side effects. Crazy bulk anadroll it is for bulking


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