4 months in skin pics...

Since cessation of TS my hands have done nothing but improve.  No ooze, no bleeding, continue to shed dead skin, the fingers used to be much darker.  My hands continue to give me hope the rest of my body can heal

As you can see my wrist looks a bit better from my last photo update


  1. Hi Vee, Trying to get around and visit some new blogs and want to commend you on taking the plunge into tsw and for the good blog! Hang in there, your pics tell a story that will have a lot of influence to help others. Don't let the roller coaster ride discourage you as this is a tough one but so many of us have healed to a much better place or total healing. I'm so glad I stuck it out. xxx

    1. Thanks for stopping by Joey! What an honor! Thank you for all of your encouragement. Really means a lot to have this support


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