Flare Pattern?

So I had a couple good days, I had to know the ugly flare demon was lurking round the corner.  Also yesterday I ate pretty bad.  Although I know diet it unrelated, but so easy to blame.  And my pretty band consisted of 5 gummy candies and fish tacos-not really that bad!  After having a pretty decent week, my skin last night began to feel off.  Sort of knew it was coming because of the eye eczema yesterday morning!  Then I noticed throughout the day my smooth skin was getting a bit on the scaly bumpy side.  Probably not that noticeable to the average eye, but definitely obvious to my "microscopic" eyes!  By the time I woke up this morning my neck had erupted over night and my upper lip too.  Visibly it's not too bad but I can feel that special flare "fire".  Rrrgggghhh! It's sunday for crying out loud!  But anyhow like last week I ain't letting this keep me down.

I did want to sort of share my flare pattern with you guys.  I am also interested to see if anyone else has noticed a  patter in their flares? Alright here we go

Week 1-4- Initial Flare: Basically that flare got increasingly worse.  Started in hands, spread to face neck, chest, back and legs.  Very red, very miserable, very noticeable!

Week 5-Flare #2-Things had began to settle down in terms of the "burn", but was short lives and came back for about3 days

Week 6- to present-Reoccurring Flare:  Since 6 weeks in, once a week, usually on a thursday-but this week came a bit late I get a mini or two day flare.  It's without fail.  My skin seems to revert.  But never as bad as the initial  and sometimes it's not quite visibly noticeable, but that feeling is there.  The uncontrollable itching, which usually follows with uncontrollable scratching, which leads to inevitable uncontrollable burning.  I find it quite interesting it hits me once a week?

At the end of each flare I do notice notable changes in my skin.  I love coming out of a flare, my skin feels very dry and leathery.  Moisturizer doesn't sting.  And within a da or two I am back to more stable skin.  As my flares hit less hard and for less time, I am certain I am well on my way to healing!

Have any of you noticed a flare pattern?  Do share...


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