Ok, so I am sick and tired of beig paranoid of what eat.  Every time I have a flare my mind things "oh maybe it was this or that?".  And although I know that diet is not a factor in RSS, I decided to conduct a little experiment to rest my mind easy.

Here's my experiment: For the last week I haven't been eating that great! I had a flare, and usually would go back to a super good diet until my skin clears.  This time I am going to let the flare ride out while I eat the same type of food.  JUNK!  I don't mean Mc Donalds, but glutens, some processed sugars, basically I am ditching the vegan, dairy-free way of eating to see if my skin will come out of a flare at the same rate.   I am doing this to rest my mind easy that food isn't what's setting my skin off!

So here I am mid-flare, skin is dying down at the same rate it always does.  So far it doesn't seem like diet it playing a part in lengthening my flare.  I do miss eating more healthy, I feel WAY more tired these last couple days.  Look forward to the little experiment being over :)


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