Face beginning to Heal

About 1.5 months ago my eye eczema was nasty.  My face was covered in raised dry puffy skin.  I personally felt like I looked like Freddy Cruger.  I was sooooo self conscious about my appearance.   I really was forced to learn beauty is more than skin deep during that period. And even now that my skin isn't completely normal on my neck and arms. I am not so self conscious. I just wear my skin, because its what God gave me. And whether its filled with rash and red or smooth as a babies butt its still beautiful!  So be encouraged to show your skin this summer! :) Don't let RSS keep you indoors :)
Neck & Eyelide & Under nose still a bit dark and rashy
I can't believe I was able to where this shirt all this was red before-but now very dark :(


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