Toronto Girls Meet Up

Last evening, I had the wonderful privilege to meet two other RSS sufferers. Natcha & Gwen.

They too had had their fill of steroids  and have decided to ditch the roids and persue natural healing!  Healing that every doctor will tell you will never come and that we are stuck with this disease for life! Oh Poppy-cock!

Upon arriving to the restaurant I was super nervous to be meeting them!  You worry about conversation and chemistry.  To my surprise I was greeted by two sweet ladies that were absolutely gorgeous!  You can see for yourselves in the pictures!  They look good considering they were suffering through RSS!

Gwen is only 2 weeks in while Natcha has been off for awhile.  And then there is me, in the middle of withdrawal.  So we have a veteran, newbie and Vee!  Lol. We discussed so many things while each of us itched constantly.  It was quite comedic actually!

It was lovely to sit and eat with someone who completely understood why I am not eating meat, or why it took us forever to order trying to accommodate and elimination diet.  Normal people don't get that! 

One thing I found completely hilarious was the stash of TSW emergency kits these ladies had in there bags!  Shame on me, I wasn't even caring a single cream. So I was in good company!

Natcha( my personal RSS drug dealer) hooked me up with some melatonin and natural sleep pills-while Gwen ( my RSS pharmasist) allowed me to sample a variety of products! I was in TSW heaven!

Anyhow we did end the evening with some photos capturing our fab time together!  Hopefully this will encourage all the other Torontonians to make it next time!

Pic#1 The best drug deal on planet earth! :)
Pic#2 Gwen's oh so hot elephant skin! Work it girl!
Pic# 3 Gwen's 13 day steroid free old not so bad hands!
Pic#4 Natcha's perfect skin- she has slight linchefication in elbow area.  But has healed up amazing.  Her neck was bright red last year.  Can't tell now!
Pic# 4 Natcha & Gwen's Drug store! Samples are Free!
Pic#5& 6. Newbie, Veteran and Vee- reverse order but it sounded better!  And we were all supposed to have crazy faces in one, but I accidentally deleted it! 
Just because you have RSS doesn't mean you can have a good time! 

Thanks ladies for the lovely time!  I had a blast! 


  1. This looks like so much fun! Beautiful ladies!

    I met up with some TSW'ers in London in January and also met up with Miss Kitty a few months ago. I agree it is amazing and I would encourage all TSW'ers to try and meet up with others if possible.

    Love your blog Vee. x

    1. Louise! Thanks for stopping by! That's awesome you UK folks got together. Its quite encouraging! :)

  2. I'm happy for you girls to meet and have each other during your withdrawal from steroids. There have been some true friendships developed this way and how great is that? I wish endurance to you all and many more find your group! xxx

  3. My hands are famous! Love your write up of the're absolutely gorgeous too!! I felt very blessed to be among you and to share my experiences over the last few years. To know that others are going through what I'm going through, and that they're only a few miles away was very comforting. You know those sleepless nights when you're up scratching and you feel like you're the only one in the world going through it? Now I know I'm not the only one in Toronto!! You were wonderful...thanks a million for a great evening!!!

    1. Hehe Gwen! I should have gotten your autograph! It was a real pleasure to meet you too! We will keep in touch

  4. Your so LUCKY you have people to meet up with , connect and actually reach out too! So far I havent successfully been able to get a response from anyone located in atlanta! It seems like they send one message and then..I dont know where they go! Lol your face DOES! look like mine! I went to the derm yesterday..Hes pretty good throughout the big shots in atlanta!..anywho he doesnt seem to think my skin is that bad claiming he has seen worse...he gave me some pills and told me to give it a month...well....we shall see!!!

    1. I do hope you get to meet up with some Atlanta folks! What pills did the doc give you? You know there are oral steroids called predisone? Just be careful what you take from doctors...they are very pro steroid :(

  5. He just gave me doxycycline amd atrax for itch...he gave me promiseb lotion to use daily a steriod type cream..only it doesnt involve steriods at all its something new....but I think ill stay the natural route

  6. He most DEFINITELY advised me to keep away from ALL STERIODS!


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