The calm after a flare

Well my 'junk food flare' is finally over. This is the longest flare I have had since the beginning and the worst I have eaten during an entire flare.  Hard to know if its the food.  Although many will tell you it isn't, many will tell you it is.

I am a pretty straightforward kinda gal.  Lay the facts down and I can make an fair assessment.  What's so frustrating is the varring opinions in reference to food consumption playing a part.  And then there is the leaky gut propaganda, along with candidas and who knows what else. 

I have mixed emotions about whether diet is linked to eczema. There have been times I have eaten perfectly and still flared and the like with junk food and not flaring.  So I don't know!

Anyone have any thoughts?


  1. I dont know either but eating healthy is good for your over all health..though it may not have caused a flare I think it still has a great effect! Though I do cheat from time to time I stay on the super healthy side..I feel it will help in the long run and will hurry the healing whether we realize it.there was this one guy who said he was going through tsw ...he drank nothing but water for 20 days straight and became 90% healed though...I wouldnt recommend

    1. Yes I agree that eating well is very important. I am currently a Luke warm vegan! Lol. I eat quite healthy but I wanted ti experiment. I have noticed that eating well doesn't stop the flares, but I find I heal faster and they aren't as prolonged as when I am eating junk! Not to mention I feel much better from eating healthier! Thanks for stopping by! Xoxox


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