My skin is completely ticking me off! So I plan on complaining for the next 200 words!
In the last 4 days its gotten more inflamed   And my precious healing hands are having their first ever flare since I started TSW!  I am just so ticked.  They are all puffy and ugly.  Rashes have spread, and one section is oozing. Th blisters are back, but haven't popped yet!  Man, what a downer! I am starting to have a very I don't care, bitter attitude towards this. You can feel stuck between a rock and a hard place.  One part of you wants to rush back to the drugs and resume normal living, but you know its only temporary and will land you in a worse spot to begin with.  Leaving you no option but to keep on the track you are on (but at this point not willingly).  Arrggghhh!  I hate that I am so tired, but can't sleep.  I hate that my skin feels so raw, tight and uncomfortable.  And I hate how it looks!

Sorry for the vent guys!  Had to get it out!  One very important part of going through this!  But we do all heal!  PRAISE GOD for that!  I just pray my healing will be super-de-duper snappy!!

Have a great week!  :D


  1. Vee

    Take it easy. It's only natural to feel this way. Been there, bought the T-shirt and all that. But i only let it last a few seconds and i am back to my positive affirmation.

    As am writing this comment am supper dupper itchy today and i have been ignoring the negative feeling and have just been repeating 'Am a day closer to 100% healing!!!!'

    I used to contemplate going back to the roids if only just to feel and look human again....but again that didnt last long as you mentioned it like being caught between a rock and a hard place. The bloody roids had started to thin my skin so REALLY there was no going back and that was that.

    Am in my 14th month of TSW and the thoughts of going back are the thing of the past now for me. I recon i have been through worst of it.

    As for my super dark dark black complexion.....i put on a 'i dont care persona' for when am out doors. Emotionally it really messes with your head. I just try not to look in the mirror too much.

    Hope you find comfort soon Vee.

    Much love, peace and happy healing.

  2. I hear you!! I have only just discovered what my condition is. Been using steroids for over 20 years. So angry with medical profession that I wasn't warned. Every time I went to the doctors about my skin, saying it was different to eczema, they just prescribed MORE steroid creams!! So Im 5 weeks into my journey and it's hell. It hurts all over my entire body. Sorry to rant.


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