Blogs messed up!

I had been posting content for my skin blog my other blog! Lol.

I deleted them now.

Anyhow a couple thoughts

I can't believe I have managed to go five months without topical steroids. Wow, there was a time I couldn't make it a couple days!

Skin is much better then it was a couple days ago.  Moisture seems to be coming back thankfully.  We will see how long that lasts though. Still look like a reptile. Hehe

I started taking fish oil so that could be why?
Just kidding!  But I do think that its helping my skin look more moisturized. 

Hand inflammation is down..
Hopefully am out of the woods as far as this flare is concerned :)

My cheeks have resumed lots of moisture.
Neck isn't as scaly.  This thing is so up and down. Good today, bad tomorrow.  Vice versa.

We will see what the rest of the week brings.
I have also noticed from shoulders down( not including arms) my body has been. Minimally effected.  When I first withdrew I got it everywhere but it cleared up quickly.  I also feel these areas are always covered up and out of my reach.  My legs are pretty normal skin wise.  A bit dry but normal.


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    1. Lisa you are too kind! :). The pics always make it look about 25% better than it is lol


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