Happy Canada Day with some skin updates!

Well it's Friday! Woot! Woot!  And here in lovely Canada we are having a long weekend celebration Canada Day.  I am excited for the weekend!  This week was busier than I would have liked. So I am eagerly waiting some much rest and R&R! 

Yesterday I had a strange burst of energy though!  I have been eating quite well this week and taking fish oil.  So I am sure that has something to do with it!  It felt so amazing to have energy.  I usually feel tired and sluggish every day. TSW was really taking a toll on my energy levels.

Anyhow I feel back to normal energy wise.  I hope this lasts!  I can't say sleep has improved.  But we really just can't have our cake and eat it too?  Uggh does that saying even make sense? Lol you better believe I am eating my own cake...

Alright on to my skin.  I haven't paid much attention to my skin in 48 hours.  It's been great!  On the forum Ms Eczema Excellence gave some awesome advice.  She said ' act like you would if you had perfect skin'. I loved that strategy!

Today I will put that to the test.  I am going to an event and this will be the first time seeing everyone since TSW.  Well this particular group of people.  I plan to have all the confidence in world and put Ms Eczema Excellence's advice into practice!

As for my skin... Well it feels fine.  I finally found a moisturizer I can tolerate. ( sorry Lisa no more 'no moisture' for me). I use is quite sparingly though. It's Aveeno unscented baby lotion.  I originally would feel a slight burn for about 3 or 4 seconds. But no more.  It feels so nice to feel moisturized and smooth instead of dry and cracky.  At the time though dry and cracky was better than burning and red. Lol the options of TSW. 

I still find myself itchy. I scratch habitually, need to break that habit.  My neck is smoothing out a bit.  Looks much more moisturized. Feels slightly tender to touch.  But I can deal. My arms continue to be problem areas.  But they look better, if you look closely there are scabs and scars here and there. But my darker skin serves as camouflage!    Hands are stable.  Lots of scabs but no ooze.  I can do most cleaning without gloves. I was able to do my hair last night without my hands burning from my hair products.  Yay!  I took some photos. Please remember they always look about 20-25% better than they are.  Due to my phone quality. :(  Things are alright for the moment though skin wise.  Hoping to be going into a long quiet season! Lol.

Have a wonderful weekend all you kind folks! 


  1. What a happy post!!! Have a GREAT weekend!!!

  2. Looking great VEE
    no worries i am happy you found a moisturiser that works well for you.
    i am still trying to go without. hard. it is gets rough i do put some coconut oil on. just to ease it in a bit.
    otherwise it's no moisturising for me!

  3. Hi Vee! Thanks for the shout out :) I hope you have an awesome time at your event and that you can have fun and not think about your skin at all! It seems like you are healing nicely!

  4. nice skin!! i so envy you! I‘m on my 1st month of TSW and it‘s crazzzzyy! happy healing and happy canada day to you =)

    1. Aw itchy Mitchy you will get through! My first and second month were Terrible. Things got better in 3rd month and then went bad again month 4. Month five recently just got better. Crazy up and downs!

  5. Vee, i forgot to mention. Whatever you do, try not to scratch minutes before getting into the bath/shower. I find it makes me scratch even more when i get out. Besides let your flanel do the exfoliating instead of your finger nails. It causes less damage.

    Let me know how you get on.


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