I was convinced during my last flare (3 weeks and counting) that my skin was not getting better. Other than my hands I didn't realize the progress my skin was making, until I wrote a month to month play by play of my symptoms and then I had a "Eureka" Moment.

So I thought I would write it out for you  kind folks

Month 1-TSW over majority of body, back of knees, thighs, lower back, upper back, mid back, arms, hands(MAJORLY),neck, arms, chest and face.  I had much redness, bumps, hives, redness and discomfort. Burning all day/all night long-living in bathtub.  Sleeping for no more than and hour without waking

Month 2-TSW continued back of knees, lower back, upped back, neck, arms, chest and face.  Redness had died down, still very itchy/dry, hands got unbelievable better. Severe itch and dryness.  Sleeping for about 3 hours a night.

Month3-TSW localized to, upper back-just under neck, arms, upper lip, eyelids and forehead and neck.  Redness down to minimum.  Itch only at night, dryness. Sleeping a bit more, on and off

Month 4-TSW localized to arms, neck and eyelids and upper lip.  Itch continues at night-but able to get atleast 5 hours . Hands much much better

Is anyone else noticing the pattern?  I am healing much more than I even realized! While my arms , eyes , upper lip are still suffering it's much better.  SOmetimes we get so fixed on the negative that we miss the tiny miracles happening day to day.  And considering I had TSW from my knees to my head and now only have it on my arms, eye lids, upper lips, and neck (and mildly hands) thats a HUGE improvement

Ignore the photo-I am taking a photo of my hair growth, but  as you can see my hands were  all bandaged up because they were soo bad. I couldn't even wash my hair-my dear hubby had too!

Anyhow, I guess the moral of the story here is that you need to track your progress because chances are you are healing but you don't even know it.  Also we have a tendency to forget how bad things were to begin with, so when we get a flare a couple months in its seems like we are back at square one!  But we really aren't.


  1. You are so right about the progress thing! I am about 3.5 months into TSW and am not finding too much progress yet. I have pictures up on my blog taken at about every 4 weeks. I sometimes feel I am still as bad or even worse as the beginning. The one thing I have noticed though is some energy returning. I am however taking a bunch of vitamins to help heal the adrenal glands and skin, so not sure if they have an effect on my energy. Glad to know you are seeing improvements! It has to be so exciting to have some improvements! :)

    1. Sometimes photographs don't do a good job of capturing progress. Often in pics my skin looks better than it is. Or doesn't quite capture everything! I like charting symptoms along with photos. I look forward to checking out your blog


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