Waiting for a Miracle

Well I am 5 months in!  I guess now its too late to turn back! Hahaha!  I am believing to turn a serious corner come month 5.  I have noticed my necks inflammation has calmed down.  The dryness is still killer. Also I don't moisturize so that is probably why!  It's just once the moisture hits my skin, so does itching, redness and bumpies!  Not so cute for a summer day!  Anyhow my hubby came across this article last night regarding anitbiotics and eczema


Check it out, its quite interesting :)


  1. Interesting article. I have 3 kids. 2 of them received antibiotics in their first year - one of them developed eczema on her hands. The third child with no antibiotics has had no skin problems at all. I will have to ask my mom if I had antibiotics in my first year....

    1. I know I had antibiotics during my first years of life. My mom loves medication. And was always quick to give me prescriptions. There is no history of eczema in my family. So I am guessing that could be the cause


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