A bit better

Well I am approaching month 5.
The last couple days my skin has been a tad bit better. I have been using zinc as I have been staying away from creams. Zinc tends to dry out my ooze nicely. I really can't believe I had made it this long without my trust betnovate!  That stuff used to be my best friend.

I remember when I would run out of my tube, panic would strike.  I would call the doc asap.  I usually had tons of repeats, but as the years passes doc wanted me to come in for the prescription.  I remember the night before I would go to the doc I would be fantasizing about how I would have my meds the next day. The second I had it in hand I would take a long hot shower and scratch myself silly. And then literally slather hand fulls all over my body.  It would tingle and burn but I was relieved. I would go to bed and wake up and like magic, my skin would be normal again.  It never dawned one how strong those drugs were to do such magic to my skin within 24 hour period. I never gave it a second thought.

  I do remember 4/5 years ago getting sick of the monthly doctor visits. I decided to see if my skin could heal itself. I stopped all steroids and of course my skin went berserk. I wish I knew then that it was TSW and my body would heal itself.  About 1 week into it my I couldn't take it any longer.  I was so miserable. And felt so ugly. My hubby and I were only a year or so married. I just felt so insecure.

I remember him taking me to the piano store to surprise me with a piano for my birthday, I was so down the whole time. .I couldn't even be happy because I didn't want to look him in the eye and say thank you. I know now I wasn't ready then for the experience.

Although I still feel ugly, I have grown to learn looks aren't every thing in life.  And not everyone is as shallow as I was. I am not sure why I am sharing this story. But it came to mind. I look forward to the day I have normal skin and am healed.  So happy I never have to endure that horrendous smell of betnovate again! So glad there truly is a cure for eczema. 

It blows my mind there is a cure and the medical community isn't on board.  Perhaps there is a cure for cancer, for aids?  And they are just dragging people along for the ride!
Ah well, in time all darkness will come to light!

Hope you are all well my fellow RSS fighters!



  1. your hand looks much better Vee!
    we will see the end of this :)

    1. Thanks Lisa, the ligting is bad, but my hands are better, just look like a 90 year old woman! hahaha

  2. mine always look like a 90 year old and i don't have eczema on my hands hahah so no worries :)
    you are doing so well. i am so happy for you.

  3. Vee,

    I know how you feel about looking ugly. I fretted to the point i had to ask myself whether the extra stress i was piling on myself was worth it? So i adapted the 'Dont Care' attitude. It's what keeps me going. I am usually okay till i see my reflection, then i pull a face and look away. After so many months, i guess i am a little used to it.

    I even got prepared in my head in case someone told me i was ugly to my face. I planned that i'd say 'yeah am ugly, i have eczema, what's your reason for being ugly?'

    One thing is for sure, we are all GONNA HEAL!!!!! YAY!! ; o

    1. Y sho, I love your spirit! I will keep the that in mind. I agree with staying far from the mirror. Yesterday I was feeling my face and it felt smooth and moist. I looked in the mirror and still and dry flakes in places.lol.


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