Sweating! Healing! Flaring! Sweating!

Hey all!

Well I am happy to say my skin is finally sweating!  I can't say again, because I have NEVER been able to sweat!  Although high school, in track & cheerleading, I wouldn't even sweat a drip! My face would get super hot and red, but that was it!  I would be bone dry!

This past week, I began to do  pilates, and felt that first tingle of sweat.  Really didn't like the feeling!  Then I began running(my most fav form of exercise-I could run for hours... literally)
So as I am on my evening run, I feel wet drops on my neck!  I think to myself, 'it must be starting to rain?'... So I speed up, because there is no way I could tolerate rain on my skin.  The drops continue, but I am wondering 'why it's just my neck I am feeling the rain?'.  I touch and I realize the back of my neck is soaked...get this INCLUDING MY HAIR!  Then I notice the folds of my arms are wet too.  Now that could have been ooze, but this was profusely  so I think it was sweat.  I feel my back, my shirt is soaked. I couldn't believe how wet I was!  Kinda gross feeling, since I am not really accustomed to sweating, but at the same time I was excited, because I always here such good things about sweating, and that it' a good sign.

Only downer, was my smooth skin, turned a bit dry and flarey the next morning!  So I did feel like sweating sort of undid all calm skin I was experiencing.  But I want to press through and see if my skin will just get used to it!  This is a minor, completely manageable flare.

I have some really good news with my hands, they look AWESOME!  Like a 90  year old women's hands, but no red, no ooze, no inflammation, no scabs,  no hyper pigment! BOOYAH!  Over all I can see how my skin has gotten so much better since the initial withdrawal, but it's hard to see progress during a flare.  Especially the painful flares!  Also I would say my face is pretty normal again.  I look smooth.  My forehead still has a bit of a wrinkled texture, but not really noticeable to the average Joe.  My upper lip continues to open, split, bleed, flake and ooze.  But I am just grateful its not my entire face!

This is another topic, but I was thinking that on the ITSAN site and forum I haven't seen any "coloured" people healed.  Not to say they aren't out there, but there have been times I wondered if TSW was different for colored people.  I only say this because we have different hair, which is a form of skin, and even our skin typically is different.  I just wonder if the process of TSW differs for people of color?  Maybe not length wise, but severity, or even if it effects full healing?  I know our linchefication can look a lot more noticeable that a fairer skinned person.  But our redness is virtually invisible compared to a lighter skinned person!  I do look forward to healing, to encourage other people with darker skinned.  Because I know being darker you can be unsure if TSW really applies to you.

WELL all, I am off to run, forest run!  xoxox
HAppy Healing!

I will post some pics next time ! :)


  1. AHHH Vee. so happy for you to be sweating and to be having great days!!!!
    YAY for sweat and awesome skin.

    1. Thanks Lisa! I hope I am turning a corner...this has felt like such a long time ! :) But I am 6 months in now! YAY!

  2. WOW 6 months already?
    time does fly. i remember you being at 4 months when i started.
    i guess i am going to 3 months in a few weeks. so yes time does fly, but in agony.
    i am glad things are looking up for you.
    can't wait until i turn around the corner.

  3. hi Vee so happy i found your blog , i am African my son has had eczema since he was 4 months hes gonna be two in September , stopped steroids in late May and his skin looks juss like yours in some of ya pics , puffy eyes, the hands etc im juss so happy i found someone w the same skin tone as his, we live in the UK btw- SONNIE

    1. Hey Sonnie
      Thanks for stopping by! I am glad my blog brought some help to you. There aren't many people with darker skin that have blogs. How long has your son been on steroids? I used strong stuff for 23+ years. My withdrawal has been mild compared to some I have seen! But hell for me! I am starting to get better. I attribute a lot of it to Omega 3 Oil. Does your son take that?


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