Flarish, But coping

I officially am convinced my lack of sleep has to do with why I flare.  I have never woken up from a good sleep with my skin flarey.  Because of TSW, my sleep patterns are through the roof!  It doesn't matter if I nap or not, take melatonin or some other sleep aid(non prescription). I still end up awake for hours.  Last night from 4-1230 our power went out, the stress of that kept me up till 2.  And of course I am flaring!  I have been flaring since Monday. Which I find quite common since I have busy weekends. Monday is kind of a relax day... I often wake Mondays with sore, red inflamed skin. 

One down side of experiencing some healing is when it all undoes itself at your next flare.  It's funny how we can convince ourselves we won't flare again and we are almost healed...then bam... Skin is a mess.

It doesn't matter if logically I know I will flare again... The fact my skin feels and looks better overrides all TSW logic!  Anyone been there?

Ahh well such is life!  I am still making it my mission to somewhat ignore my TSW.  I have spent less time in forum, less time fussing over my skin and researching eczema cures! 
Just riding it out! I think I need that for a while.  Seems to be helping me, not putting to much attention to it. But I do want to help others, so I will update atleast once a week! 

Hope you are all well!


  1. HI Vee,
    i miss you in the forums! i was wondering where you are.
    i am glad that you are liviing life.
    i love your updates! doing well hunnny!

  2. Not good not good.
    Second flare is here and its all over my face. Well cheeks and forehead.

  3. Glad to know you are doing well!

    1. @ Lisa...sorry to hear that! Don't worry, it's temporary
      @ Tracy... I got a bit of sleep last night! Thank Jesus! :). Feeling better today...my neck looks a bit rough but whatever


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