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Well...I am just about 6 months into my withdrawal. Funny how I thought I would be much better by now. And in some ways I am, on others I  am not!  I  roughing out a flare right now. Silly me started exercising this week and flared my self up!  But good news...I  am sweating again!  Just don't like the effect the sweat has on my skin. So I doubt I will be continuing to exercise for now.

Right now my neck is super tight and yucky.
My wrists are all scratched up. Super itchy. Just scratch central. :(

On the bright side I have been sleeping better at night.  Minus tonight. I hope this is a one night thing...lack of sleep greatly effects my ability to function!

Anyhow I am still here, pressing on towards healing!  I hope you all are too!


Oh and that pick of the wrinkled skin is my stuff eh? Lol


  1. HI Vee,
    hope you feel better.
    i am glad you are getting enough sleep.
    i started not getting good sleep lately. it's strange. i would wake up in the middle of the night and just won't be able to get back to sleep. it's so weird.
    are you taking anything for it?

    1. I haven't taken anything for sleep. Other than be busy in the day and no napping lol. I also started a little exercises but it caused me to flare. Have you tried benadryl?


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