Feeling ugly, Acting pretty

This morning was tough!  Not because I didn't sleep well. Not because my skin was weeping or burning.  It was tough because as I looked at my neck and arms I felt ugly.  It didn't really matter that my skin was getting some what better, its just not better enough.

I have been putting a double effort lately to try not to focus on my skin.  I quickly whiz through my routine and move on the next task.  But today I made the 'no no' of looking at my skin. And...well suffice to say it broke heart. 

Lately I have been tough, rocking my jacked up, discolored, dry skin.  I have sensed great liberty in doing this.  But yesterday I had someone make a comment about my skin.  They said 'oohh it got worse, have you gone to the doctor?'. Now this isn't the first time they have said this.  Nothing irritates me more than when someone asks 'have you gone to the doctors?'. Or 'have you tried any creams for eczema?'. For crying out loud... Do people honestly think I would look like this without any medical advice! 

Anyhow, after a couple of weeks of being tough I guess I am having a vulnerable moment.  As for a skin update:
Hands- dry,light patches, slight scratches. Looking better, elephant skin
Arms-scratched up, elephant skin, reddish, ugly-lol
Neck-dark, bumpy, back of neck filled with scabs, inflamed
Face looking good! Upper lip is dry, cracked and weeping :(

Well I am going to enjoy my day!  Shrug of the ugly skin... And look forward to the future!:)


  1. Awww vee. Stay strong.
    One step forwards 2 steps.back.
    It sucks.
    Im having a difficult time right now too. Just cant function

    1. Aw Lisa! I can imagine how you are feeling! We all have to stay strong, sometimes easier said than done, but WE CAN DO IT!

  2. Hang in there Vee! It will get better! It's unfortunate how just one "well meaning" comment can undo all that positive self-esteem and give that little reminder of yes, we have messed up skin and we look different from others. You're a beautiful lady even when you don't necessarily feel that way!!

    1. I know! I have to remind myself not to let the comments of others bother me! Sometimes I am able to, other times , ugghhh its tough! Thanks for your encouragement! xoxoxo


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