Well I'll be a horses saddle, I can't believe it's been six months I have been off TS. For anyone who has suffered with eczema, you know this is a HUGE deal to go this long without your meds.  In your mind when you are addicted to meds,you can barely go a couple days without your cream, never mind months on end!

What amazes me is that I don't look like a monster.  Yes I have had some ugly moments, but there is a pattern of healing and improvement!

When going through TSW, you have many people ask you a million and ten question about your skin. Here are the questions I have been asked, and how I answered them.  Forgive my sarcasm, I am a pretty nice person! LOL

QUESTION:What's wrong with your skin?
ANSWER:(uhh rude much...insert fake smile) Ohh it's eczema, well topical steroid withdrawal

QUESTION-What's that?
ANSWER-(since when are people so interested in my life?LOL) Basically I used steroid creams for my skin my entire life, they stopped working and the only way for  my skin to get better is to stop using them and get the steroids out of my skin.

QUESTION:Oh there isn't any medication or creams for it? (
ANSWER:(Didn't i just say,,,sigh, never mind...insert fake smile #2)  No unfortunately I just have to tough it out.

QUESTION:Have you seen a doctor?
ANSWER:(insert my fist in your face, right about now...hehe, insert real smile and the thought of that) I have seen a doctor yes.  They can't do anything

QUESTION: How long will it take to go away?
ANSWER: (what you think I am phycic?..)Not sure, a year or two.

QUESTION:I have eczema too(tiny patch) I use this for it and it helps, would you like to try some? ANSWER:(chuckle to self, of course its steroids) Oh no, I can't use any topical steroids because they make my skin worse.

QUESTION:But they don't make my eczema worse ?
ANSWER:(inside screaming THEY WILL) Well have you ever tried coming off them for a period of time and seeing if your "patch" will go away on its own?

STATEMENT:Oh yes, but then my skin gets really bad, so I used the creams to control it

ANSWER:I think you're

I think it really blows peoples minds that we would subject ourselves to this, when we could just up the anti to our medication and have seemingly clear skin.  There is such a lack of knowledge regarding steroid creams, and often when I discuss it with others, it seems like I am speaking a foreign language.
I know someone who went swimming and they have eczema.  Now that's so painful during a flare, and probably not the best idea, but "dear doctor" said it was fine!  I said the same doctors that will give you steroid creams!  Doctors don't know much about eczema  They may know a thing or two about some other things, but I must say their lack of knowledge in this department has caused me to be a bit "leery" of their advice in other areas!

Why do I put myself through this? So one day I don't have to anymore!  Eczema is an incurable disease when you use the treatment for it!  TOPICAL STEROIDS.  But eczema is curable if you just LEAVE IT A LONE!

Also check the labels of things, cortisone is in a lot of over the counter creams and makeups!  That should be against the LAW!  So please, please, please, be careful as you wouldn't want to set yourself back! Or develop an addiction unknowingly!

That was my 5 cents for the day!! Have a great one!

Here is a little before and after :)

3 Months IN
6 Months in


  1. Oh Vee :)
    you're so funny.
    i have this same conversations with friends at work.
    they just don't GET it. i don't see why. one of my coworkers has eczema too she gets it.
    she says she uses this cream from doc and it's really good. but she doesn't know what it is. i suspect it's protopic or elidel. or something like that. she says no steroids, but who knows.

  2. He he! It probably is steroids and she doesn't even know! You know a girl suggested said she uses clinique cream and it makes her eczema go away. I did some research. There is cortisone in it! No wonder! I feel bad for people!

  3. haha. vee. you crack me up. I love your before and after pic. You look awesome!

    1. Lol gotta laugh through this ordeal! Thanks so much for stopping by. I kind of forgot how bad I looked. Yikes! But I still have more healing to do! Thanks for stopping by

  4. Aww Vee, you are looking much betteR :D Yeah, it's such a pain in the ass explaining. I ended up just saying, you know how doctors tell you hydrocortisone will thin ur skin? Well mine is now super thin and it'll take forever to heal. Even though that's not exactly it, it's the easiest way to tell a layman what's going on. For a science person, i'll go into the vasodilation and all that but YEAH! Pain in the butt to explain over and over.

    1. Yup I hate explaining the story... Especially to those I already explained it too! Lol

  5. Looking good Vee!!!! LOVE your sarcasm - only because I have the same conversations in my head! When I was working, I would get weird stares by people - I knew they were wondering if I had something contagious. I always wanted to be a smart ass but instead would just smile like you and say I have really bad eczema. I only explained TSW if they seemed genuinely concerned and interested - otherwise the other person's ongoing questions would just annoy me to no end! :) I went to the natural store today and saw a "Natural Eczema Cream" on the shelf - big letters saying that it had shea butter and herbs in it. Looked at the ingredients - #1 was hydrocortisone! I almost flipped my lid! If my kids were not with me I would have had a talk with the owner, but I knew I might get heated and overly agitated and my kids do not need that from me in public - maybe next time I go!

    1. Are you serious Tracy? Cortisone is 'natural eczema'cream. Oh my blood would boil. At the beginning of TSW I wasn't so 'zealous' or anti steroid. It was more of a personal choice. But now...I am so passionate and anti steroids! I am so angry with the industry and how it has been handled... Makes me sick.

  6. Haha Vee I love this! People mean well but it gets annoying to be asked the same things again and again. Your sarcasm is so funny. AND... you are looking beautiful! Gorgeous smile, I am so glad to see you are healing nicely! We are right around the same timeframe because I also just passed my 6 month mark too!

    1. Ms excellence! Pleasure to have you stop by! I remember meeting you when we were both around 3 months. Each month that passes give me hope I can get through this! I am thankful for the blog because if I didn't have pictures I don't think I would notice how much I have healed. Its so subtle and gradual. How is your skin doing?

    2. Hi again pretty lady, my skin is doing really well! Just wrote a blog post about it yesterday. I really am more at 12 months because I now know I was going through TSW before my "official" stopping of all steroids, but the good news is that I am very close to being healed... YAY! Praise the Lord :) I agree that the blog and taking pics really helps to measure progress. It's amazing to look back on those really bad ones and then compare them to now!


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