Its Friday... Time for an update!

Well I have to say this living like my skin is perfect is working well for me.  I stick to my routine and try not to think about my skin each day.  It works well for the most part.  I am flaring today... But I still kept busy.  That's a first. And by flaring just my skin has that terrible sore inflamed feeling.  It looks alright but doesn't feel good.  I am hoping the my skin is calm by tomorrow.  As I have a bit of a high school reunion to go to!  Aaaahh!  But whatever!  I loaded up with zinc tonight.  That always helps with redness and inflammation for myself. Hope to pop some melatonin and nock out till atleast 9.  I am hoping the good sleep and zinc will calm the flare.  Usually I flare around the time my monthly friend comes to visit.  Any other ladies have that problem?

Anyhow I added some photos. I must say my skin is looking better!  My neck isn't so dark!  Some days it even feels smooth!  Itchiness is still severe!  I really wrecked my arms this week! :( But they heal virtually over night!  I did some serious damage in the folds of my arms though!  I would say over the years my arms probably got the most steroids.  And that is where my eczema began, that and my eyelids.  So I am not surprised they are taking long to heal! 

Anyhow all my dear friends....happy weekend!


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    1. Aw thanks! Just remember the pics make me look 20-30% better than I am! Lol


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