The Flare that won't Quit!

Uggh so I am a bit annoyed today! I have been mildly flaring for about 1 week.  Last night I got that classic burning sensation that comes with TSW!  I haven't had that in a while. I actually laughed while I burned.  I just couldn't believe I was experiencing that again. My skin has been very tender. Thankfully it hasn't interfered with my sleeping.  Also I am sick with a summer cold and sore throat. And today it seems like I am losing my voice! Yay!  Lool!

I am 6 months into my TSW!  I am getting a bit tired of it.  I have moments where I am OK, and don't mind it.  But then there are days I just want to have nice skin.  I hate the unpredictable flares.  It causes much anxiety when I have plans for the weekend that involve me looking pretty. 

Over all my TSW experience has probably been a 6.5/10 as far as severity is concerned. I have had about 1.5 months of absolute hell and the rest has been more manageable.  Now that I can sleep without effect I am much more mentally able to cope  I only wake up once a night to have a scratch fest!  And usually it leaves no damage.

I find my skin is taking long to ' smooth' out. My hands continue to look old and wrinkled. That and my neck. I know that part can take a while.  I just get a bit inpatient at times!: (

On another note... I have been putting my wrinkled fingers to work on my piano. Learning different styles of music. I am focusing on jazz and gospel at the moment. I am more of a contemporary piano player so I want to broaden my playing. I actually start lessons today.  Really excited about that. I have been playing for about 8 years.  Any other TSW piano players out there?

I am dreading playing piano in front of him and showing off my 90 year old hands!  Hahaha

Have a great weekend! Xoxox


  1. awww VEE! you still very much a gorgeous girly to me.
    your hand doesn't look bad at all.
    i think the time in your month 4 or something where it was a red bump.
    you look very sexy to me !! :)

  2. Hi Vee! So happy for you about the piano lessons! At some point I would love to learn! Sorry about the skin! It seems to do what it wants - naughty TSW!!! Hang in there! Your skin will be glowing some day soon!!!! :)

    1. @ Lisa, you are just too good to me! Yes ,y hands have improved, but the 90year old look is killing me! ha!
      @Tracy-the piano teacher looked at my neck today with confusion! :( It's been a while since I had someone stare at my skin, I guess he probably hasn't seen much of that. I can't wait for the day my skin glows!

  3. Replies
    1. Sadly I have abused them my entire life. They are very easy to abuse as well. Have you ever been on the itsan website? I have topical steroid withdrawal. So my eczema has been induced from steroids.
      Thanks for stopping by :)


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