Flare Theory According To Vee[Revised]

Inevitably during tsw you are going to...(insert scary music) Flare!  Flaring is no fun, and usually looked at as a negative experience.  So I want to shed some light on that terrible flare.  Now I am not a doctor, nor am I the most medically minded.  But if you activate your common sense you can come up with some logical thoughts.  Every time I flare I use these thoughts to bring some comfort :)

Now for me my flares go in this order

1)Sore/Tight Sensation
2)Inflammation and Redness
3)Cracking, Oozing 
4)Flaking and Dryness
5) New Skin

Here's my little theory...story

We all have little nitricoxide villains lying under our skin.  Just waiting for the opportune time to make their escape. They look for weak links in our skin and days when our body isn't up for the fight to break free.  As they hide in the confines of our skin our skin looks for ways to get rid of them.  All of a sudden our skin feels sore and tight, like something is about to erupt from under it. Our skin is looking for a way to make an inhospitable environment so they are forced to come to the surface.  .  The skin begins to get inflamed and puff up.  The nitric villains are excited as the skin lifts higher and higher up, giving it more room to break free.  The only problem is there are no holes in the skin to allow for the steroids to get out. So the skin sends scratchy sensations so that we will scratch and create openings for the steroids to leak out.  Finally the nitric oxide is free and able to weep out of our skin.  The skin starts to look worse and worse as more and more nitric oxide comes out of the skin. Then the the villains retreat.  They lost enough of them in battle, so they hide back in reservoirs of the skin.  The inflammation comes down.  But our skin is no longer normal.  It looks wrinkled and dry and old, the body continues to send itchy sensations so that we will slough away all the dead skin.  And before we know it brand new skin appears.  It may not be the last of those flares, but with each flare the nitric villain count decreases.  Meaning each flare brings us closer to our healing!

Well thats my little theory of what happens when I am flaring.  Probably has no medical premise, but it sure gets me through the flares :)

Hope you are all doing well!!


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  2. Hi Vee.

    As far as I am aware, the experts, excluding Dr Fukaya and Dr Rapaport believe that the steroids leave the body very quickly after withdrawal starts. It is unlikely that you will have any steroids remaining in your skin at this point in time as you have been off them for several months now.

    However, your theory IS very close to what actually happens. Just replace the word "steroids" with the word "Nitric Oxide". We get a huge buildup of nitric oxide in our bodies after we stop using steroids. The nitric oxide dilates our blood vessels and causes the skin to redden and leach out blood serum, or ooze. Dr Rap tested people with TSA and found that their nitric oxide was abnormally high in the blood. Only when the levels had gone down did they stop flaring.

    I hope this helps you understand why we flare, Vee. You don't need to be concerned that there are still traces of steroid in your skin.

    Soon, these flares will pass and you can enjoy lovely, smooth skin. X

    1. Thanks Louise! Such a smarty pants! So nitric oxide causes the flares?

  3. Great analogy Vee.
    really perks me up~
    flaring today. in blotches. at least it's in blotches but period coming prob why!
    I miss you. glad to see you posting on the forums!
    i love reading your msgs.
    i am still lurking :)

  4. So glad it cheered you up a bit! I have had a bit more time to be on the forum lately. September will be really busy though! I kind of feel like my skin is in a stagnant stage. I don't feel much has changed so I don't bother with pictures . I get flares when my period comes too! :( So annoying. Actually lately I have been in some what of a constant mild flare...really annoying :(


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