A bit down

This past two weeks have been challenging
My skin has given me a bit of trouble but my emotions have given me more trouble.  Just trying to get over the six month hump, I guess!

I have successfully (ha) been off steroids six months now. Somewhere in my naive, optimistic, unrealistic, fanatical world I thought I would be healed by now or atleast close!  What a moron!!!??

I think that stupid expectation is why I am having a bit of trouble this month. So here is my little advice of the hour...don't set a healed goal date!  When you get there and you aren't healed...you will be depressed!  Believe me, been there, done that, and if there was a T-shirt I would buy it!

On the bright side... I am six months in baby! That means I am six months closer to healing!  Hoping to be over the worst of it!  And it means I can do this for another 6 months. Take things in increments. 

Skin is doing alright. A little hivey today because I forgot to turn the fan on before my nap...woops! I am sure it will go down my morning though. My flaring finger is healing up. My neck is super dry.  Hoping for some flaking and new skin. Upper lip is a bit smoother.  Hands look like they are 80 which is better than 90 lol!

Hope you are all well!

Keep trucking on!


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