Skin Update could be better and could be worse
I will let the pics do the talking..
Not in the mood to make anyone laugh via blog post today!

Here is to a much more manageable weekend!!!!!


  1. awww baby girl! cheer up. you know it looked great a few weeks ago. it's just doing it's thang!!!
    we can get thru this together!!!

  2. Hi Vee I have often read comments by you on itsan and you have encouraged me before. I too am having the worst day with tsw. My hands and legs are completely covered and I just couldn't stop crying today. To top it off, apart from my husband, my support network are far away in the UK as we have only been in Toronto a few weeks ( maybe we could meet up at some point?). Anyway, just want to say that when I am going through it, I remember that you understand as well as others going through this. Stay strong and may the Lord bless you and keep you. Nikki x


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