OH Mister Sun, Sun Mister Golden sun...

Yesterday I braved it, and went to an Amusement park with a few friends!  We had a great time.  This was my first time really exposing myself to sunlight since early on in my withdrawal.  Crazy me, instead of hearing Dr. Rap say in the videos "in the later stages , sunshine sunshine sunshine"  I heard "sunshine sunshine sunshine".  That went very badly, I flared and flared and flared some more.  So for the past 3 months I have been hibernating from all sun rays.  My skin has still be on and off, but at least the sun wasn't to blame.

Yesterday was HOT HOT HOT and the sun rays were beating down on my skin.  I brought a sweater and hat, for the times I felt it was too much.  It really felt SOOOOOO god to have that warms sun on  my skin.  But with each minute that passed, I  was  nervous of what the next day would bring!?? Flare central would be my guess?

I woke up this morning..and well my skin was a bit tight, but no flare.  My skin is peeling lots-YAY! That means I am entering a quiet period! Or so I hope!! So I think, I think, I can go in the sun a bit more :)  Which is super exciting because I have been "inside" all stinking summer!

Another thing I have been doing is keeping myself well wrapped up at home.  I take my shower, but on a layer of moisturizer and  bundle myself up.  I find I makes me warm, so I sweat a bit which makes my skin feel less tight. Also the skin seems softer when I have had it bundled up.  Notice the skin that is usually covered up is the smoothest?  So I am trying to keep my skin protected and much as I can.  Also when I am bundled up I don't have see my skin...makes a happier me! :)

Hope you are all well! :)


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