14 Month Steroid Free

Oh how good it feels to be in the double digits of withdrawal.

Just looking back at the hell of this time last year gives me shudders. Yet helps me appreciate how far I have come.

Summer has come and brought with it great skin for me.  While I am enjoying the sweet kisses of the sun rays, I am a bit nervous of what fall will bring!  I wonder if my skin is only better because of the good old vitamin D, or has time began to run its course??

I guess I won't know!  For now I am enjoying time outside.  I still continue MW.  I had a point where I thought I was going to stop cause everything felt like it was worse. Then I put a little cream on and experienced 'worse'. Lol

About a week later my skin calmed down.
I have been doing MW for 2+ months now.
My 'normal' skin is awesome. Quite clear the oils have returned. My skin has a natural shine it never had unless I used lotion.
My TSW effected skin is rarely dry and ashy.
Just looks a big lizard like. But that's from all the damage from scratching.

I have noticed some spots begin to recede. So it's hopeful.  My skin no longer stops me from doing anything. It's quite predictable. Even a couple weeks ago when it was flaring I was still able to go out and do what I needed to. I think I was just a bit emotional about what it looked like.

It's very important not to focus too much on how it looks. Though that's nearly impossible... Especially for a lady!
But when I just say 'what the heck' and embrace my skin, I am mentally in a better place. More recently I have started dressing up each day. You can see this blog for that post and challenge.

Do your best to just feel good about yourself. If you are right in the heat of battle...maybe this isn't your season. I spent many a season in my sweats and under a blanket...

But summer has come and for that I am thankful.
All my TSW warriors out there, keep on fighting the fight. You can do it!
And a shout out to Nikki who encouraged me a couple weeks ago when I was very down about my skin!  Having each other makes a big difference in the battle!

Here are some pictures of my skin!!


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