14 Months In, Travelling with TSW

Last week I went to the hot, dry dessert of Tucson Arizona for a little R & R....i.e Bible Conference.

I was pleasantly surprised that my skin didn't bother me at all on the journey.

When I first arrived I was a bit nervous about the water and dryness...hello?

To my pleasant surprise my skin was FINE.   Maybe a little dry, and I must confess I cheated and used a little lotion. But sorry my dry arms just weren't looking very hot with my sleeveless shirts y'all!!

I am getting to a point that I can feel my skin just chilling out.  Who's to say a big flare isn't coming for me come season change, but for summer I can see that my skin is pretty consistent now.

I do, do moisture withdrawal and since being home have gone back to not using lotions and am fine.  Even when I used them on my trip it was very minimal and for aesthetic purposes only! LOL

I rarely think about my skin each day.  There are times it looks a little dry and crusty, but it's nothing awful.  I don't need to wear scarves 24/7 and it seems that the sun has been of huge benefit to my skin.

For all those still thuggin it out, be encouraged.  TSW does burn out and get much better with time.  I used to hate hearing that, but after almost a year and a half I can agree time is a very big healer.

My main skin issues now are discolouration, though my tan has helped and elephant skin.  But I can see how that has improved in some areas.

Be encouraged folks!

Here are some photos from my trip


  1. You are beautiful! And you looked stunning when you came to Arizona. :-)

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