Unofficially 1 Year Corticosteroid Free

So this time a year ago I unintentionally quit using steroid creams to control my eczema...

The story goes a little something like this...

I had run out of my last tube of betnovate and had no more refills left. A dreaded moment for a betnovate addict like myself. This meant I had to go into my doctor... Show her my unimproved skin and have her prescribe me another tube with a handful of repeats. But this visit didn't quite go as planned.  I walk in and do the usual drill..
I need more creams... But instead of prescribe my normal combo #1- betnovate, dear old doc wants to try out a lower dosage! Ha! Is she out of her mind? My skin only responds to betnovate and just hands were still in and out of flaring.  She hands me my script...tells me to moisturize with lots of Vaseline ( uhh impossible... Vaseline doesn't moisturize...but whatever)
I walk out vex...pretty much toss out the prescription and move on with my day.

And so my relationship with betnovate comes to an end.  2 weeks in my hands are flaring quite badly... I try a little of this so called 'lower dosage'... Nothing happens

I knew that would happen!  As each week passes things get worse. I get bumpy and hivey everywhere. My face is a nightmare. So I try the dear old steroids one last time...Nada happens!

And so I was done! And my pursuit for healing began.  The last use of steroids for me was April 5 2013... But I stopped using steroids for the most part February of 2013.  I applied steroids 2 more occasions after that between Feb & April.  So I like to think this is my 1 year off steroids!  I will fully celebrate in April! But a little celebration is in order today!

So how am I doing?
Good &Bad. If I look back I realize I have come a long way.  But looking ahead...I have quite the ways to go as well.

This month the backs of my knees started to flare. That is new. They have always been itchy but never got bumpy or eczema like.
So sometimes I am uncomfortable walking.
The rest of my body goes through times of soreness and stability. Sleep is my best friend and the more I get the better for my skin!!

I am really looking forward to summer time. I think the sun will do my skin good. I can't believe this much time has finally gone by. Has felt long...but now that I am here I am happy!  I know my healing is getting close!!

Those depressing days are getting fewer and farther apart. A milestone for me this past week was I actually went out twice without a scarf!  I never show my neck because the skin is weird and dark...but I felt like it looked somewhat ok to do it! It felt nice to walk out without a scarf...but sort of naked!!

I have 2 strange bumps on the flexure of my arm. One may be a pimple the other feels like a swollen lymph node. It hurts too. Hoping it goes down soon...may get it checked!!

Anyhow there is my unofficial year to follow next week!!


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