Promised Photo's

Here are some shots of my skin at my unofficial year in!

Ugh kinda discouraging.... Some parts seems my hands... Tsw has spread all over my hands and wrists since last year!

Yikes!  Summer please come and take away the withdrawal!!


  1. Esther here! (@
    Ugh I totally pick at my skin - when I saw that white bump on your arm I totally wanted to scratch it off! So bad! Well your skin seems to be doing good (albiet not as well as you'd like it, but still!) I hope you will continue to improve! You seem like such a lovely person I can't help but send well wished your way!

  2. you look good vee
    miss u!
    hope youre doing well!

  3. Thanks guys!! Esther I ended up popping that bump...sooo gross. Lol

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