18 Months

A year and a half already!

I have not used topical steroids for just over a year and a half. This morning I wake up with calm skin and can see signs of promise. Though I have been down this road many times, it reminds me that healing is coming.

Now my skin is at the point that I forget about topical steroid withdrawal. Not because my skin is way better but because I have to learn to 'live', to 'cope.  And each day it gets easier.  Some days its tough again... But that subsides.

At 18 months mainly the symptoms I am dealing with are ' extreme itching'.  In the middle of the night I often wake up can scratch till I can't scratch any more.  Oddly this scratching feels different than precious scratching. Almost like a healthy shedding of skin.  'Shedding' I shed way more skin than ever at this point...but the skin left raw...seems like strong healed skin.
Elephant skin...uggghhh this is so annoying... But my wrists, neck, arms, fingers, upper lip are elphanted to that max.  But the inflammation is way down this month, making it less noticeable... But of course I can see it!
And my last common symptom is hives..
What in the world? I was getting hives quite a bit this past month and read that that can be a sign of healing. I really wonder why?

The weather has gotten much cooler in the city I live which is a bit nerve racking for the TSW sufferer. I am quite interested to see what winter brings skin wise....but here's to healed skin! :D

I attached some pictures this time...skin doesn't look the greatest... But I feels fine right now. 


  1. Good to hear you're better able to cope with the flares :)
    Sounds like your flares are slowly fizzling out... maybe give it until the 2 year mark and I think you should be right as rain!!

    1. I certainly hope so! How is your skin doing?

  2. Hi Vee ~ I found your site through ITSAN!
    I too have eczema but am using TS because I can't handle the itch anymore.
    I am a born again Christian and enjoy reading your pastor's wife blog too!
    Just wondering ~ does your church believe in once saved always saved?
    And just wondering if you ever get anxiety due to this skin disease. I do. I pray right away and ask the Lord to help me.

    1. p.s: what are your thoughts on the clinical trial drug: Dupilumab
      It's supposed to be way safer than cyclo...
      God bless!


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