13 months off Corticosteroids

Wish this was over already!
Here I am, another month in.  This month was a bit tougher because I was flaring.  Got over my flare and then flared again.

I am doing MW.  So suffice to say MW does not prevent flares...but no one said it would.

In the last couple days I have been very very itchy and done plenty damage to my skin.  Also I have not cut my nails... So I know that has plenty to do with it.

As my skin has gets used to MW, and granted a bit better, I am really noticing how bad things really are.  Like how discolored my skin is.  It's quite discouraging actually.
I feel like my skin is so messed up!!:/

Also lately my face has been super itchy.  That's new! I have to really try not to scratch my face because it scars so easily.

Though I feel much better overall, I am growing a bit weary this month in the journey.  I am thankful for last month though. I had a great month, you win some and you lose some!  Here is to next month :)


  1. Girl, you look great! I'm in oozy hell....

  2. Aw so sorry to hear you are in oozy hell Jen. Hope your better now!
    Hey Lisa...miss you man!xoxoo

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