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Hey TSW World

I am a couple days late on my monthly post!

I am still here! Still going strong!  Something new I figured out, I think I may only be 8-9 months into my TSW  Reason being, I had stopped in february of last year, but I just remebered I applied TS one last time at the end of March!  NOt sure how that really effects things.  But to be "technical" I am not really 11 months in!  But 11 months in sure makes me feel much better!

So whats new with my skin?

Well last month was hell on earth!  Went through some rough sleeve Galore. Then I came down with the flu, after much rest I noticed my skin calm down.  Also I had a brother from church pray for my skin. Since that prayer & the flu things have been looking up.

There are some new things I have implemented into my life

1) Multi Vitamin
2) Skin Hair & Nail Supplement
3) La Roche Posé fancy named cream lol

These 3 things coupled with prayer and oddly the rest from having stomach flu have seemed to keep things as normal as possible.  Oh and of course time!

I kind of cringe writing this because it seems whenever I say things are good...BAAAMM, flaring the next day!! I rebuke that! LOL And hope all is well for a while

My skin is craving the sun! I don't know how I know that but in the dead of winter I can just tell some sunshine would really help me right about now!!

I hope you are all doing well!  Staying strong! This is one hell of a battle...and when it gets really gruelling I just rest and take it hour by hour!  I do my best not to think much of my skin.

My upperlip continues to be a very annoying problem area.  It heals then crack oozed heals and the cycle just keeps going! I wonder when it will quit?

My neck flakes quite a bit.  Feeling a bit smoother lately.  Arms are pretty consistent.  Little rashy, nothing serious.  Wrists and hands are pretty itchy, swollen  a little, but looking a bit better.
I know there is light at the end of this LONG dark tunnel!

Keep the faith guys!

Here are some pictures!
this is a good day! LOL


wrist-developing elephant skin

hand feeling a little better, just dry and old looking

Hand now, looking a bit better

Hand a couple weeks ago

hand during flare


  1. So good to hear from you Vee.

    Missed ya. X

  2. Glad you are feeling better! Was worried about you! Having the flu is not fun and it only makes sense we would flare when being sick.. Glad to see some progress!

  3. Hi vee! My hands Look exactly like yours! But yours are prettier!

    1. I think my pictures look a bit better then they are. Lol now I csn see my hands have gotten worse. The gaps of normal skin are almost all gone


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