7 Months In

Hey all

Well I am 7 months into my withdrawal. Time is starting to pass much more quickly now.
My skin has been a bit stagnant and cycles through bad and good.  I guess that's to be expected.  I think I am going to start posting monthly, because there really isn't much going on...other than me becoming more and more fed up :/


Neck- can any one day old and wrinkly? Oh and very itchy :/ Wow , I just took this picture of my neck, I didn't realize it looked this bad...thank God for scarves!!
Arms-rashy with some scratched up places.  Still get very itchy there. Also dry
Wrists-come and go-currently they are scratched up

Hands-healing from the 'rotting finger' look
Here is to next month better pictures :)
Face- forhead a bit wrinkled and dry
      - upper upper lip and lower- A MESS! Ozzy, then dry, then flaking, then cracked and repeat
If you enlarge this photo you can see the beads of ooze coming from my lips...lol YUMM


  1. HI Vee,
    you are doing so well!!!!!
    you are so far along!!!!
    i wish i am around the same as you then hopefully my symptoms will be better.
    anywhow, it's good you are always on the forum comforting people. it is much needed.

    1. Hey Lisa
      Aww you are always encouraging me! I don't "feel" so well!
      I like encouraging others too, it takes the focus off me :)

  2. I feel you on the old wrinkly neck... Mine looks similar except I have a few deep creases. :(. Hopefully they go away in time. Congrats on being 7 months closer to healthy, beautiful skin!

    Chantal xx

    1. Thanks so much Chantal
      Atleast I am not alone in the "wrinkled neck" look LOOL

  3. It's crazy how much your skin looks like mine! I am 11 days into ten months. I go to the forum a lot, that's where I found your blog. Mine is getting worse, though. I'm glad to see when others get some relief.

  4. I just saw your blog today because tumblr lead me here! Super glad to have seen this blog! I also noticed that you have/had the same type of hand eczema that I currently have. Seeing your progress and how your hand has cleared up has really made me hopeful!! It's tough being steroid free when my parents take me to doctors that only prescribe steroids as the only option. I have been steroid free for a month now and it's been tough at times. I find it to be more of a mental battle with myself more than anything.

    How did you manage to get your hand so healthy?!


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